windows 10

So, windows 10 is here… I was not around for the original but I do remember XP … which makes me feel super old! Windows 10 is a much needed improvement to Windows 8 and fixed some major (and I mean MAJOR) issues. I’ll cover what went wrong and what has been done to fix it.

First up, if you have ever tried to use Windows 8 and ever clicked on that nice little start button… wa… wait, I clicked the stupid button and .. what the! What are these tiles? If you have ever used windows 8 you probably have had the same experience. You see, Windows engineers in their infinite wisdom said “I know! let’s take the one thing that is super familiar with windows and has been around since day one and let’s get rid of it, everyone will LOVE that!)

Two words: EPIC FAIL

Don’t get me wrong, I understand some of the stuff they are trying to do to make windows better (like make the software cross compatible on all devices). Kudo’s for the great idea. Having on experience on multiple devices and one login to rule them all is a great idea… but it seems they could have done this by adding a second button and keeping the start menu, at least in desktop mode.

Truth be told I fell into the Mac bandwagon (look at those shiny computers!) but realized that I could not play 90% of my Steam downloaded games (two words again… but one starts with a G and other a D….). I’ll keep this post PG though for my younger readers.

Now, back to Windows 10!

It seems that it takes Windows a couple tries to get it right but when they do it’s truly a dream. Windows 10 brings back the start menu (maybe they hired an additional engineer to help the team out?) which eliminates the single biggest frustration.

They are also adding some nifty new things like our friendĀ  Cortana (a nod to Halo and a rip off of Siri, but hey! I’ll take it)! You will now have voice commands similar to Siri and it looks like you can use that across all devices that has windows 10 (I can’t do that on my mac, Siri must not get paid enough).

An upgrade from Windows 8 is that you can now launch “apps” in Windows so you are not stuck doing one task because that app is blocking your view.

There are a few more features you will want to look out for like the “Spartan” browser (I really want to hear Cortana say “this is Sparta! in her voice… i’ll see if she can oblige).

Stay tooned for our next blog post!