steam iconOk, so apparently i’m the last person to let go of my Xbox. I’m a tech reviewer and and didn’t have a clue about Steam (the computer direct download game company). One of my already converted PC gaming friends totally just talked to me the same I talk to my mother when I try to explain how to set filters on her Gmail (which is slow and like a child).

Next time I talk to my mom I will have to keep that in mind.

The rest of this article will be WHY I’m not a 100 full convert to the PC gaming world (and note, it’s the PC gaming world, there are lots of games that you can download and play from Steam to a mac but it’s a limited selection. Ditch the Mac if you can only have one computer or buy a cheap gaming rig).

First, we will start with the only downside I can find is that you might miss out on a console specific titles like uncharted.. but this is a small price to pay for the pros (listed below).


Ok, so here is the pro list!

1. If you game on a PC you can still do other things like browse the internet, play itunes watch netflix, check email and do everything else that a computer can do. If you have a nice rig you can even work with adobe illustrator and photoshop. Pretty sure my xbox cannot do that. A special note here: Xbox makes you pay for xbox live just to connect to Netflix, PS did not put that limitation on their console… shame xbox, shame.

2. Like that xbox 360 controller? Me to! You can still use the plugged in controller right into your PC USB port or get a wireless receiver and use your wireless (I got a receiver for around 15 bucks on Amazon).

3. If your xbox / or PS ever falls behind and cannot keep up with the latest titles you are screwed (unless you are up for some serious consol surgery). With a PC you could just upgrade your graphics, memory ect. If you start off with a high end graphics card it will already be better than the ones in your console and should last a lot longer. It may be more expensive but if you can miss buying an xbox 1 to play the latest game then it just paid for itself.

4. Storage: Most consoles are going to have a limit around 500 GB, that’s actually a decent amount of space.. until you download something like Shadow of Mordor that is a whopping 50gb (20 games that size and you are done)

5. Expandability: Oh no! your initial TB of memory is full! Thankfully you have 4 more slots you can expand your memory with. Fill those suckers with 2tb cards and you will have enough space to download all the episodes of lost and friends that you missed.

6. Flexibility: I canceled my xbox live account and now I am looking at my xbox 360 in my living room thinking “wow, this is not even a blu ray player … just a normal disk player”. ¬†PS owners will at least have a blu ray player and a netflix streamer when they make the jump. With Steam, I can download my games to my home computer or laptop and take it with me. What if my system crashes? No worries, Steam cloud to the rescue! I can even delete a lot of games and keep my progress. Not happening if the 360 takes a dive.