Shadow of mordor


8 cups of coffee, a body shaking like i’m naked in the arctic and thousands of dead orcs are what I have to show for my (EPIC!) 14 shadow of Mordor bing!

…. so so worth it.

Ok guys, I have to say this is one of the best games I have ever played and I think it just took the throne from my all time favorites (fallout new vegas and skyrim). I’m a sucker for the open world go-anywhere do-anything kind of game.

First up, let’s get the stupid criticisms out of the way that I am hearing over and over.

1. Climbing and stealth are just like batman arkham knight and Assassin’s Creed.

Ok, so there is some truth to this and I will not deny that but I would call this 3.0 (and skip 2.0). Yes, you are climbing walls like a high jumping spider on speed, yes you can leap off building that would make Superman think twice before jumping off of but so what, those features are AMAZING in the other games so why not take something already great and make it better?

If designers didn’t do this then the wheel would never have upgraded into the car. Give me the car and you keep pushing your wheel around.

Ok, now for the TOP feature. The Nemesis system. This feature makes the game worth playing all by itself. The Nemesis system is a responsive enemy system that brings back recurrent villains (that somehow survive you cutting clean into their skull)… It also covers things like rank-progression of orcs that manage to kill other orcs (or that random archer that tags you with a lousy arrow when your health is low). The ranks are getting filled in all the time.

You can exploit this rank structure later after you can “Brand” people (make them your puppet meat shields). The Nemesis system also lets you syphon intel out of the brains of Orcs letting you spy on strengths and weaknesses of other orcs in the ranks. This is a must when you get up to the war chiefs because they will almost be invencible unless you can exploit that weakness. After you get that brand ability you can actually turn the warchiefs bodyguards against then.

Some other features that really make this game stand out are upgrading your weapons. You get runes by Killing leaders in the army and claiming our rune. The higher the soldiers challenge rating the better your chance for getting a ruin. After you get into the 10 plus power level rating you get a chance of getting an “Epic” ruin. You have multiple slots on your weapons and you can fill your death arsonal out with multiple epic ruins and trulley because the instrument of death you are meant to be.

Who needs sleep? I’m going to go back to watching the army of Sauron flee before me (and my wraith ally) while I shoot the fleeing cowards in the back with my mercy arrows!