A1Etechreviews.com goal is to provide the latest reviews and price details on any tech gadget across the world. We will continue to offer reviews of product in an attempt to review more gadgets than any other site (which of course will take time!). You can find world leading tech gadget companies and retailer’s information on this A1E Tech Reviews. Also you can read details customers reviews, comment from all brand those are really used, they are giving real-time experience.

This site will be make you clear before making purchase any tech gadget.

We are able to kick-start this site because of our kind sponsors here in Richmond Virginia. A special thank you goes to our local Paving company, our local Roofing company (and their partners in Charlottesville), Dr. D’souza and our local exterminator. You guys make it possible for us to keep providing awesome reviews for the people that read our blog across the world!


We will review a lot of different tech gadgets

A few things we will concentrate on as we continue to write our blogs will be things like:


– Digital Cameras:

Cameras come in all shapes and sizes so we will do our best to review the super tiny pocket-friendly cameras to Go-Pro sports type cameras all the way up to large mounted professional Cameras used on movie sets. We will try to cover a wide range of budgets so you can get the most of our our reviews

– Computers:

“Computers” will cover laptops and desktops and everything in between. There may be some crossover with the tablet section (in the case of something like the microsoft surface that can fall under more than one category).

– Tablets:

Tablets will cover things like Apple Ipads, Kindle Fires, Android tablets and other less-known devices. Tablets are a HOT market and we really look forward to see what will be available in the coming years.

– Large Appliances:

By popular request! We will also review things like refrigerators, stoves, washers, dryers and more.

– Hand held Gadgets:

What falls until a hand-held gadget? Glad you asked! Things like electric tooth brushes, hand held GPS units, hand held fants, micro flashlights, handheld scanners and more. Please note that “hand-held” may also include things like the apple watch (even though it’s on your wrist) and the mouse-ring (that sits on your finger).

– Odd items:

Ever seen a phone charger that looks like a duck? how about a shoe that can charge your phone every time you take a step? These are just a couple of the odd items that you may see in this category.

– Cool gadgets for your car and/or boat

Things like navigation, heated seats, security devices, audio systems, speakers, tech that sits on your dash and more!

– Phones:

It seems that a new phone is on the market every week (which is basically true with all the different providers out there). We aim to provide our own reviews of the newest features coming out and what makes them cooler than the rest.

– Vacation Gadgets:

This is an often overlooked area for review sites (which is a shame because vacations rock!), they rock even more so when you have things like the “coolest cooler” (love the name!). Or next time you go on a trip pack a foldable scooter to zip around a little quicker! Going camping at the beach? How fun would it be to get eaten by your shark sleeping bag?

– Software:

What is hardware without software? Paperweights! We will take a look at the latest and greatest in software and may take a look back at some “old school” software from time to time that really  made a change in the computer industry. Software will include everything from Apps to the latest windows update.


– Games:

I saved the best for last! We may do a kickback to Metroid or Zelda but will have a primary focus on the newest graphic demanding blockbusting bing games. This is the category I really put my time in for the review (I do it for you guys!)